Certified Irlen Screener Training Course

This is a two day certification course open to professional educators, psychologists, reading and resource specialists, speech-language therapists, occupational therapists, counselors, learning specialists and tutors. Credentials and a formal resume must be submitted with your application, reviewed and accepted prior to enrolment.

This course combines information, demonstration and a practicum experience.

Course Aims and Objectives

  • To develop an awareness and sensitivity of the problems associated with Irlen Syndrome / Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome. 
  • To become conversant with the Irlen method of assessing individuals with the visual perception dysfunction.
  • To gain background knowledge of the research associated with Irlen Syndrome / SSS.
  • To participate in the assessment of people with this learning difficulty.
  • To discuss different types of remedial approaches which can enhance the learning prospects for Irlen Syndrome / SSS sufferers.
  • To discover methods of raising awareness about Irlen Syndrome / SSS with the general public.

Course Materials Provided

  • Irlen Screening Manual
  • A selection of Irlen Coloured Overlays
  • 'Reading by the Colors' text and 'The Irlen Revolution' text by Helen Irlen 
  • USB PowerPoint presentation
  • Irlen Syndrome / SSS Resource and Research Folder

Course Content

This two day workshop will include:

  1. How to identify individuals with Irlen Syndrome / SSS
  2. The common learning and behavioural characteristics of individuals with Irlen Syndrome / SSS
  3. How visual perception affects Reading, Mathematics, Spelling, Copying and Writing skills
  4. How visual perception can affect Depth Perception and Sensory Integration
  5. How to test using the Irlen Reading Perceptual Scale (IRPS) assessment tool
  6. A variety of intervention strategies including Irlen coloured overlays
  7. Hands-on practice using the Irlen Reading Perceptual Scale
  8. Research on Irlen Syndrome / SSS from around the world


Day One

Day one will include a comprehensive insight into the world of Irlen Syndrome / SSS. A focus on the indicators of Irlen Syndrome will be discussed, and the impact it can have on a person's academic, work and day to day life. We will look at the history of Irlen Syndrome / SSS and associated International research. An introduction on the technique and application of the Irlen Reading Perceptual Scale (IRPS) will be presented, and observations of the testing process will be observed.

Day Two

The opportunity to observe and practice the Irlen Reading Perceptual Scale will be provided. Screening participants will be available to complete a partial Irlen Screening, under supervision. Time for questions and discussion is included. Appropriate reading strategies and remediation techniques will be included.

Participants will become competent in assessing Irlen Syndrome / SSS and complete a full Irlen Screening. They will learn whom to refer to for the second comprehensive diagnostic assessment, the Irlen® Spectral Filter Lens Tint assessment.

Upon successful completion, participants will be certified through the Irlen® Institute to identify Irlen Syndrome / Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome and prescribe Irlen® Spectral Overlay Filters for stage one remediation.


Benefits for your private practice

Become a certified Irlen Screener and add this service to your existing educational, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Psychological practice or tutoring service. Become part of an international network of professionals who aim to maximise the educational, work, and daily activity performance for students and adults with: reading problems, dyslexia, ADD / ADHD, ASD, chronic migraines / headaches, light sensitivity, fatigue, anxiety, autism and sensory processing disorders.


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